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    bugs and insects

    I have a new tenant and she is complaining about small insects in the flat. I found one tiny one on the ceiling. She is saying there are more but I cannot see them. Is this my responsibility or hers, she has just moved in.

    What kind of bug is it? What colour is it, shape etc?
    edit: if she sees more of them at night and they are flat and a red/brown and they hide in dark places they sound like bed bugs and you need to get rid of them asap.


      tiny spider looking like but nor a spider and does not move at all, black in colour


        How many legs? does it have wings? You could google it. I doubt anyone can help you without really knowing what it is. Did the previous tenant have cats or dogs?


          If she's just moved in and the insect is classed as a pest then it would be your responsibility.


            I checked it ion my phone photos after and it is so small, i cannot even see its legs, but it is there, not moving at all on the ceiling,
            no cats or dogs at the flat ever.


              The average normal home has hundreds of species of insects and thousands of individual creatures. It is totally normal. If there are no insects at all, the place would have to be so filled with pesticides that they would pose a massive danger to health.

              Only a few kinds are bad. Bed bugs are not normally on the ceiling, nor are cockroaches. Ones on the ceiling will normally be good kindly insects. Some bad ones on the roof like mosquitoes come and go as they please and are not your responsibility.


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