Should I re-draw tenancy agreement

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    Should I re-draw tenancy agreement

    I rented a property via an agent. It was find only service. This is one where I do the paperwork and referencing. I was told the rent would be £xxxxx.

    However, when it came to signing, the tenant said they want it £xxxx less £50 pcm. I was annoyed, as I had prepared all the paperwork and it was all printed.

    She had spoken about this to the agent, but the agent said speak directly to the landlord at the viewing. The tenant made no mention of this to me.

    Even at £50 less, I was okay with that, but I was annoyed because the paperwork. I had crossed off the rent and then hand initialled the new lower rent.

    Should I re-draw a new contract, and back dated. Should I leave things as they are?

    To replace the one you presumably told the tenant to shove where the sun doesn't shine?
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