Transferring possession order to the High Court: how long does it really take?

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    Transferring possession order to the High Court: how long does it really take?

    Hello. I've been negotiating to buy a property that's currently tenanted. The tenants will not be leaving until bailiffs attend. The landlords obtained a possession order from the County Court and then applied to transfer the order to the High Court. Their aim is minimise delays by bypassing the County Court bailiffs.

    I've read various accounts of the pros and cons of following this route.

    HCEOs' websites make it sound like an easy, fast-track process. But from what I've read elsewhere online, it sounds as though the extra administration can add significant delays.

    How long does it normally take to transfer a possession order to the High Court and, after that, what's the likely timescale for issuing the writ? I'm just wondering what other people's experiences of this have been.


    Its only Discretionary to transfer up to HCEO and could be turned down by the judge....
    Thunderbirds are go


      Thanks for your response. Yes, I've read they often don't give permission. I'm interested in what other people's experiences have been in terms of timescale if it's approved.


        The timescales vary by region.

        Enforcement by HCEO used to be very quick, because they used to follow an incorrect procedure and just turn up and turf people out (as seen on TV).
        They can't do that any more, they have to contact the occupants and give notice, which does cause a delay.

        Generally, they're quicker than county court bailiffs because there are more of them, they're commercial organisations and can grow to meet demand, unlike county court bailiffs who are employees of the state and have budgets that are cut like everything else.

        If you contact a HCEO company, they'll probably be able to help process the job.

        They are more expensive than county court bailiffs, and that difference can be significant.

        No personal experience though.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Thanks for your reply.

          I think this case is likely to be going through my local county court, although I understand that's not necessarily always the case. The seller has given an indication of the timescale the HCEO company has quoted and my local county court has told me how long it normally takes to obtain permission to transfer to the High Court - if they give permission.

          But I have no idea about the timescale for the process between those two things - namely, giving the tenants notice of the application to the High Court and obtaining permission for the writ.

          Any pointers would be welcome!


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