Is this normal tenant behaviour?

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    Originally posted by jpkeates View Post
    You can do this, provided it's not mandatory.

    So, if there's a term in a tenancy agreement to maintain the garden, a landlord can agree with the tenant to provide a gardening service as an alternative to the tenant doing it themselves.
    Oh ok, thanks for clarifying.


      Alternatively, (presumably) just include the cost of the gardener in the rent you ask from the start?


        Originally posted by Welshie View Post

        Why would you not tolerate a prospective tenant vetting a landlord (be that by googling, etc).
        I think with this tenant it comes across as a bit threatening, in a 'I know where you live' way rather than just taking sensible precautions.

        Generally I find tenants don't give two hoots about a landlord's circumstances, AST's, How to Rent guide, EPC's etc. If a tenant is clued up, it is unusual and I dig deeper. I've turned down a housing charity worker, tenants rights activist and a bent housing lawyer this year alone. Might be discrimination but I don't want a business relationship with people who dislike me for ideological reasons.


          Thanks for the replies and I really appreciate the wisdom here.
          The EA has come back still strongly recommending this tenant as apparently he earns a respectful 6 figure sum.
          To recap,
          1. Initially the tenant agreed the rent amount and agreed to use my gardener but pay him directly
          2. But then the tenant came back to ask if my gardener entered through the converted garage - I replied yest - then he came back to say he will use his own gardener - I agreed (my gardener has little flexibility)
          3. Asked that the clauses about pests to be removed - I agreed
          4. Paid holding deposit but came with 3x simultaneous requests - a) front camera access restricted to himself (overall, I would have been agreeable on the grounds of privacy), b) if my gardener and everyone else who has a set of keys to hand to him c) he will change all the external locks and keys will be kept by himself only

          This is when my red flag antenna went up. I don't mind so much that he looked me up but the fact that he told the EA he knows that I'm living abroad bothers me.
          I think overall it's a NO given this is my first experience as an LL and given all the comments above but any final thoughts?


            I'm pm'ing you, as my comments would upset the forum.


              Thanks JK0, I'd appreciate that


                I would walk away and find another tenant too, if faced with this, unless there was a good explanation.

                I simply cannot understand why he would want to change keys and locks. Presumably, if you as landlord had any concerns that a former tenant was a "Bad Un" and may have copied keys for later use, to say break in and steal from the next tenant, then you would have changed the locks anyway.

                If you have just bought the property, then that is different. In these cases, I would ALWAYS change the locks, as you never usually know who has had access to the keys - unless you are buying from someone you know and trust and they can assure you, that the keys have not been allowed out at any time to unknown, untrusted parties.

                From what you are saying, this is not the case here.

                Also, how do you know his gardener is going to be any good?

                I trust all the other references came back OK.


                  I agree that another tenant is the way to go, you have too much on your mind regarding him to be comfortable with it should it go ahead, but i do agree with another post that if i were the tenant i 100% would not want that cctv system monitoring me as i come and go and which of my friends visit me etc, that is simply over the top, can you imagine if the housing associations etc did the same ! It would be in every red top in the land with 1984 and George Orwell being quoted.


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