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  • banner257
    As a retired plumber I speak with some experience.
    First what is the boiler, is it fully contained say with a glass front in say the lounge, or is it free standing in in say the kitchen.
    All solid fuel boilers need air to work and part of the installation instructions will say how many square inches or cm of air vent are required.
    Provided the minimum air vent is provided there should not be a problem unless the flue is prone to down draught, and then a flue extracting terminal would be required.

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  • MdeB
    Originally posted by ExpertInAField View Post
    Solid fuel systems give off fumes hazardous to new born children. As adults we can cope perfectly fine, but something like this can be a contributing factor to SIDS.
    reference, please?

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  • Interlaken
    I'm 64, have older siblings and spent the first 17 years of my life in a London flat with coal fires or no heating and parents who smoked 30 a day Players Navy Cut (untipped). None of us currently has any health problems.

    Nanny state.

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  • mariner
    Health Visitor is being alarmist. IMO.

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  • ExpertInAField
    Not as cobblers as you may think.

    Solid fuel systems give off fumes hazardous to new born children. As adults we can cope perfectly fine, but something like this can be a contributing factor to SIDS.

    ​​​​​Once the infant is past 6 months, the main risks are gone but this is probably why the health worker has said this now. It won't stop children from living there, just not a child as young as the tenant has now.

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  • JK0
    Sounds like a load of cobblers to me.

    I reckon he's just sick of stoking the boiler, and thought up a fib to see if you are silly enough to replace the boiler.

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  • jimboitus
    started a topic Solid fuel Central Heating

    Solid fuel Central Heating

    I have a tenant in property which is solid fuel central heating (full central heating in the property) and no gas on the estate and he has been informed by his health worker and social services that is unacceptable for him to have his new-born daughter in a house with this type of heating they have to move into a property with gas central heating?

    Has anyone ever heard of such a piece of legislation, or know where I can find this information out? I am to understand that anyone with children can't live in this type of property anymore?

    any advice?


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