I want to rent my house out but have an ongoing dispute with the neighbours

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  • Hudson01
    I would tackle the issue directly as this is not going anywhere, it may be best to test this in court so at least you have that side of the argument decided, then anything else after that could be harassment and be reported to the Police as such.

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  • jpkeates
    If the issue is something that could affect the tenants while they rent the property it should be brought to their attention before they decide to let it.
    If you are certain that it won't affect them in any way, you don't have to mention it.

    If the next door neighbours are going to complain about them taking a shower, that would affect the tenants, for example.

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  • I want to rent my house out but have an ongoing dispute with the neighbours

    I have an ongoing dispute with my neighbour regarding the party wall which they insist I have damaged when fitting a new bathroom (This is not true, I have had the wall surveyed)
    They now claim that the noise of water coming from my taps/shower is intolerable (I have witnessed this and find it normal)
    I have spent time and money trying to improve the problem (which has only been met with further ranting)
    They now threaten legal action (Most likely they have absolutely no case, I have taken my own legal advice)
    I would like to sell the property but obviously this would be very off putting to prospective buyers, so I cannot market it at the moment.
    I dont want to live there whilst this is going on - so I have been renting it as a holiday let on Air B&B, (the neighbour has not reacted to this at all)
    I am now considering putting the house out for a long term rental since I dont expect this issue to be solved quickly.
    My question is - how should I approach this with prospective new tenants. Do I need to declare the issue? I think the neighbour is unlikely to mention it to them, however it could exacerbate the problem if they are late night showering types!

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