Wasp removal...whose responsibility

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  • OneSmallStep
    Had the same issue a few weeks ago.

    Bought some wasp killer powder for £8.00 and sorted it.

    Not worth the hassle for such a small common problem.

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  • jpucng62
    As a wasps nest is not caused by anything the tenant has done so I would pay for it as the LL. Its not expensive & will create good will if you do it promptly rather than arguing about cost.

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  • mariner
    IMO, T is resp for eradicating insect infestation,.
    Most bee/wasps will die over winter, so I suggest T & LL could agree to share eradication after <date>.

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  • AndrewDod
    Why would the Council presume the LL was responsible - are they courts of contract law?

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  • 45002
    I had a wasp nest by sky light in kitchen they kept coming back to same spot for 3 years, couldn't switch light on at night !

    LL wouldn't do anything, in end local council paid and sent LL the Bill, which they did pay in the End but cost them even more as if they had paid for it to be done in the 1st place...



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  • AndrewDod
    Two months is fairly short. I would do it.

    Are you sure they are wasps not bees?

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  • Broley
    started a topic Wasp removal...whose responsibility

    Wasp removal...whose responsibility

    Tenant has reported possible wasp nest at front of property apparently down a drain. The wasps were not there at the start of the tenancy two months ago. Who is responsible, tenant or landlord, for the removal of the wasps please?

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    Good for you, that's a great result. Don't ask don't get....
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    The guidance says that preparing a property for letting is fine.
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