New Landlord - Kitchen Worktop Maintenance

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    New Landlord - Kitchen Worktop Maintenance

    Hi there,

    Having bought my house in wales 2 years ago, I hadn't thought id be moving on from it anytime soon. Having been offered a job abroad however, I will soon be looking at renting it out.

    The kitchen had recently been redone before I bought the house and the previous owner had wooden worktops installed. Now, I currently treat my worktops with oil as recommended a few times a year, however when I rent it out, does anyone have any advice about maintaining it with tenants?

    If I were to leave oil and instructions, is it fair to leave them with the responsibility to treat them? Or I have a family member come and treat them? Does anyone know of a heavy duty treatment for wooden worktops? I know varnish isn't advisable, but is there something I could treat them with that will last longer, and i can sand off and oil if and when i return to the country?

    There's probably a mountain of other things I should be worrying about over this, but I feel like i have other aspects under control!

    Many thanks!

    Tenants won't care for your house as you do.
    If you're renting it out, you have to forget it was your home and assume that the people who are living there will do the absolute minimum to maintain the place.

    You can try and make it the tenant's responsibility to oil the worktops, but they won't.
    You can arrange for it to be done by a family member, but tenants won't want a stranger popping in to do the work (and don't have to let anyone in that they don't want to).

    Replace them?
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      How about getting a quartz overlay. I recently got this at my rental for under £3k.


        If you are going to rent your property out whilst away, get a reliable LA to manage it and first undertake some LL training + LL benefits with NLA/RLA.


          I wouldn't sweat it tbh. Ask them to do it if you like and if they don't it doesn't take much elbow grease to bring them back to good again.
          if they gouge,cut or burn them then claim from the deposit for new less wear and tear even though they can still be rescued but it's harder.
          My husband has renovated some badly scratched ones for our daughter and the difference was incredible.


            As the property is in Wales then I believe that either you or the Agent or both have to be Rent Smart Wales registered. If I were you I would consider selling. There is an awful lot of regulation involved in letting that not all Agents are up on. The chances of tenants moving out when you want it back are also slim


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