Permission to Transfer to High Court but solicitor wants £1k to proceed further

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    Permission to Transfer to High Court but solicitor wants £1k to proceed further

    We were recently successful in gaining possession through the county court for non payment of rent for 9 months through our solicitors.

    The judge then granted permission to transfer this to the High Court.

    Our Solicitors have quoted in excess of £1k plus court fees to manage the eviction process. We have already paid a substantial fee for the County Court Judgement.

    It is unlikely the tenant will leave in the stated 14 days period, and we were prepared to have the court bailiffs evict her. However, according to the solicitors this process could take another two months which we can't afford. The High Court process will ensure eviction in circa 14 days.

    Whilst I appreciate the argument, that I will loose more in rent, I am loathed to pay the additional legal costs, but could do with understanding how I could avoid this cost? Can do it myself? Or instruct another solicitor?

    I can't help but feel we are being ripped off!

    If the judge has given permission to transfer the matter to the high court, call a high court enforcement company.
    The chances are that they will help manage the process for you, but they will also charge for the service (but they'll probably charge pretty much the same even if your solicitor is involved).

    Note that 14 days is very optimistic even though the High Court enforcement route is almost certainly quicker than the county court bailiffs.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Contact the a High Court enforcement company, they will give you a lead time, you will then just need to pay their costs (you really don't require a solicitor once it's been transferred to HC) , on the date of eviction they will come and escort the T out, remember to have a locksmith arranged, and change the locks, so that the T can't re-enter. Also take photo's of the property when you enter if you are then going to try and recover any damages etc.

      My own experiences was I stayed on the county court bailiff services and was given 4 weeks when they would enforce the order.


        My lawyer quoted 2k so sounds like a bargain to me


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