Giving notice as a lodger

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    Giving notice as a lodger

    Hello, I am currently a lodger living with my landlord and I will giving a months notice to leave soon. I don't have a written contract (not my decision) and I've been paying rent at the beginning of each month. The notice I intend on giving will expire before the month is over. Do I pay the landlord the full amount of rent for the last month or just the amount that covers the notice period?

    In the absence of a contract, the default position (probably) is that it is a whole rental month not a month starting at a random point. That would certain;ly be the case if it were a AST (which it is not).

    Have you spoken with the person? Most people are reasonable if you have been reasonable.


      The landlord isn't reasonable at all, he reacted in a very hostile way when I told him about the possibility of me leaving. I'm trying to leave as soon as possible


        As a Lodger, you have no no Rights, unless specified.
        Offer LL 1 full rental period.
        Why do want to vacate this Lodger Agreement & move?


          I am being harassed by the landlord and genuinely feel scared of him at times. The rent is too expensive and he restricts my access to things like the washing machine.


            Does he have a deposit of yours? If not, he is unlikely to pursue you for owed rent, and if you are frightened, just leave at your earliest convenience. Have a friend witness you leaving in case the landlord causes any problems.


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              by kuwi
              Thank you very much for all for your advice. Glad to know that there are nice people out there that would take time to help with advice.

              My mum and I both struggle to get professional legal advice due to current financial difficulty and that lodger hasn't been paying for over 4 months...
              28-03-2020, 17:58 PM
            • My Lodger is not Leaving - Please help with legal advice.
              by kuwi

              I have rented my mother’s house out to 2 x lodgers on my mother’s behalf as she has been hospitalised due to mental medical condition. A lodger agreement was given to them as she was expected to return back in few weeks’ time. However situation had changed and she had to live out...
              27-03-2020, 18:38 PM
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              by royw
              With 'experts' like ours you don't need enemies. Ignore what you can see happened in China and Italy and what the WHO and every other health expert says and deliberately allow it spread to create herd immunity. I'm glad BJ listened to popular opinion and reversed this policy.
              These are same experts...
              28-03-2020, 17:28 PM
            • Landlord in Distress
              by Roydravid
              Hello ,

              My tenant has stopped paying the rent on from the 5th of MArch 2020. This was the first month they stopped the rent . It is a period tenancy after one year tenancy agreement in 2018.
              The Tenant has changed the locks and denied access for inspection and essential works . ...
              25-03-2020, 06:26 AM
            • Reply to Tenant asks for rent reduction
              by jpkeates
              Welcome Lillylisa.

              I would simply decline their request. You are under no obligation to reduce the rent.
              The tenants are simply taking the mickey.

              If they want the rent reduced for a short period and then to pay increased rent to pay you back, that's one thing, but I...
              28-03-2020, 16:57 PM
            • Tenant asks for rent reduction
              by Interlaken
              I expect I won't be the first in this situation.

              Couple on SPT been in over 2 years. Decent, reliable rent paying young professionals. One who works in high end hospitality has been laid off indefinitely and is asking for rent reduction during this strange situation. Tenant is to apply...
              28-03-2020, 11:47 AM
            • Reply to Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
              by Stew
              Thanks for all the responses, I notice on the contract there is also an option to have a six months contract with a mutual break clause at six months which does not make sense to me so will remove the mutual break clause and just go with the fixed six months then rolling.

              All the best ...
              28-03-2020, 16:39 PM
            • Six Months AST or Twelve Months AST with Mutual Break Clause
              by Stew
              Hi wondering if during these times for new AST's I should be doing

              a) 12 Months AST with 6 Months mutual break clause
              b) 6 Months AST

              Rather than worrying about the longer letter my main concern is being able to take back control of the property as soon as possible if...
              28-03-2020, 12:45 PM
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              by Lawcruncher
              With Trump what you see is what you get. BJ has been putting on a great act for years to achieve his lifetime ambition of being PM. Now he's got there and faces an unprecedented crisis he knows he has to come across as statesmanlike. He also knows he needs to get it right as it is the government in...
              28-03-2020, 16:37 PM
            • Reply to Letting agency won’t accept rolling contract
              by Lawcruncher
              Please explain why you have to pay a termination fee.

              Do not be browbeaten into doing something you do not want to do. I am afraid that many letting agents are experts at browbeating tenants. If and when they serve notice is the time to contact the landlord. In any event, as things stand...
              28-03-2020, 16:22 PM