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    Shared electric meter | two flats | landlord issue

    After 9 months of paying £31 direct debit, I had a £400 electric bill with the premise that I wasn't paying enough. So it went up to £55. For a 1 bed it didn't make sense.

    It turns out my electric bill and feed is also my upstairs neighbours, so the bill is for both my flat AND his flat, but is all on one bill (in my name only)

    After speaking with my upstairs neighbour he informed me that he pays the landlord rent with money for bills and has done this since he lived there. The landlord is then supposed to use that part to pay upstairs utility bills.

    He obviously hasn't hence the bill going up and up each month (can prove this through my bills).

    When I moved in this flat he said I was to pay my own utilities and that for some reason the electric has always been high here.

    In December 2018 when the first issue with the bill arose, he said he was sure that upstairs paid his utilities by direct debit (proof of this in text). Well this is false.

    My upstairs neighbour can prove that he pays cash toward his utilities although never gets a receipt.
    We have both never had a receipt for rent.

    I sat down and worked out my monthly payments, plus the extra I have put in to cover my debt for those 9 months as well as the £140 warm home discount I get.

    My landlord told me upstairs should be paying £40 a month cos there's 1 of him and 2 of us (even tho he has had a sublet since February.

    So the total bill so far is £343.
    For those initial 9 months, if he didn't pay £40 a month using the money given from upstairs, that makes the bill remaining his right?

    I can't even compare usage for upstairs cos there's only one reading as there's now a smart meter which has stopped the sub meter from working.

    I've also reported him to HMRC for tax evasion cos for me and upstairs and probably his other tenants he takes part cash/part bank transfer on rent.

    Alongside all that I've needed a new toilet since moving in April 2018. New one has been sat there since 3rd June 2019 waiting to be fitted. Took 12 months for the boiler to be repaired as well as clearing rubbish from previous tenants from the garden.

    The dishwasher isn't working and trips the electrics and his response was "wash dishes like the rest of us, don't be so posh lmfao" it's his appliance at the end of the day so screw him I guess.

    Last note on the LL, when speaking about the issues I've got his response was that if I wanna move out then give notice cos he has 21 other people waiting to move.

    He expects 2 months notice but I'm giving him 1. I am out of here by end of July, but I really need some help on what to do with this bill as its in my name. LL said when I leave we can come up with a payment plan and when the debt is cleared that is when he will put his name on the bill. Well I'm sorry but I'm not keeping my name on a bill for a property I won't be living in.

    Am I within my right to change the account over to his details and direct debit info when I have left?

    Energy company say its 3rd party so won't do diddly. Energy company also informed me there is no account for upstairs in LL name or upstairs tenant.

    Any help is appreciated, sorry for the long post

    When you move out, you contact the utility company and give them a meter reading and the landlord's name.
    They will transfer liability to him.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Sounds like fraud to me. Perhaps try citizens advice if he doesn't reimburse you? And tell the next tenant.


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