My Landlord is selling up????

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    My Landlord is selling up????

    Just need your advice landlords and fellow tenants. Im a single mum and have lived in my block of flats for 7years with no problems. I pay my rent on time, in full without fail every month.

    This weekend my LL stopped by to tell myself and the other tenants in the block (she owns the whole block) that she is selling up. We were all sitting together in the communal garden as she told us this. She said "ive already sold and the new owner wants vacant possession" then she said "Come new year i will be selling up. So im giving you all 6 months round abouts, to move out. So be prepared"

    Myself and the other tenants chatted afterwards and we are upset but confused. Can she just say we need to be gone by new year or does she have to issue a Section 21? As a single parent I am worried. One other reason is many years ago another landlord did the same thing where i used to live before now. So myself and the other tenants moved out within months. No Section 21 was given we were just told "im selling up, so you need to go" 6months later we discovered new tenants in our old flats and up until today 20years later, that LL has never sold up.

    Any advice??? Also what happens in cases like these? Do tenants always have to move out?

    Thanks in advance

    She should issue a section 21, but that will put you in a weaker position


      Taking the most positive view, she's simply giving you a heads up to allow you to prepare for what will happen next year.

      The downside of a s21 notice is that the notice period is usually quite short, 2 months, because after six month's they expire.
      And that doesn't really give a tenant much time to find somewhere else and move.
      So it's possible that she's trying to help.

      I have two concerns with that scenario.
      I can't imagine someone agreeing to buy a property now with vacant possession next year (other than some kind of informal agreement to buy once the tenants have all gone).
      There's nothing to stop a landlord lying to their tenants. It might not be very nice, but that's just life.

      The reality is, for a lease that began in 2012, there are things that tenants can do to try and delay repossession, but the landlord can overcome pretty much all of them and, if they want to recover possession (whether they're really selling or not), eventually they'll succeed.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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