Tenant in property 11 years and 6 months - fair wear and tear and damages

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  • JoeFL
    I'm going to go after them. That they've been living in the property for nearly 12 years doesn't matter. I've found they put up a coat hook on a door, didn't ask me for permission. Also they replaced the letterbox and there is a stain on the carpet by he back door.

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  • MdeB
    I would have expected to address all of those long ago.

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  • DPT57
    No point even contemplating any deductions as no deposit scheme would entertain it. Sounds like you've neglected the property too. Rotting window frames and a cracked shower housing are definitely landlord responsibilities anyway unless deliberately damaged by tenants and the problems should have been picked up during routine inspections.

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  • SE_Renter
    completely agree. You've been incredibly fortunate that the departing tenants haven't requested these issues to have been resolved during their tenancy.

    Suggest you return the deposit in full and start carrying out the maintenance that you've been neglecting for years.

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  • Macromia
    So, you haven't replaced any of these items, or redecorated, for at least 13 years?

    I would say that the reasonable deduction, taking into account fair wear and tear, comes to a total of absolutely nothing.

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  • Tenant in property 11 years and 6 months - fair wear and tear and damages


    Have a tenant moving out after 11 yrs 6 mths - always paid rent and no problems during duration of tenancy.

    However they are moving out and there are quite a few problems with damages. Nothing malicious but its adding up. Can anyone give me guidance on whether I should hold back deposit...items are:

    Window Roller blinds : nearly all are broken, the string has snapped not the wooden slats broken, are approximately 13 years old
    Curtain rods - a lot of have been replaced with cheaper items as they have come off walls , originals are 15 years old
    Carpets - all pretty grey - 15 years old
    Walls - grubby - blue tack on 4 walls -decorated 13 years ago
    garden furniture - completely rotted away
    Lost locks on front window - wooden frames in a bad condition through age
    Shower fitting - comes off wall through cracked wall mounting - 15 years old

    Otherwise they have professionally cleaned.

    Advice welcome

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