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    Help needed please new form n5b hmo

    I've managed to fill out the new N5B form however just have a question about Section 6:

    My property is a flat divided into 2 double rooms and one large studio flat. Total 3 tenants and 3 households. My LA doesn't deem that to be licensable. However how do I answer Question 6?

    Is the property part of HMO? Yes/No If I answer yes then 6a assumes there is a licence. Or do I tick 'No' . I am c
    onfused and would appreciate help from anyone who understands this form

    I'm assuming your the LL? If you don't know your own property it's hard to answer the question,

    - Are you essentially renting 3 rooms out in a Flat/apartment, which you have converted into by the sounds of it a flat which has 2 rooms and another studio flat, are these legally created or and have the required permits/ council tax, separate addresses etc, if so, they would not be classed as an HMO, as effectively you are renting 2 properties out, not 1 single unit.

    - if you are renting out a single unit, and renting each room out (regardless if one is self contained) you would need to check the requirements with the council in which the property resides in to see the criteria for an HMO.

    Do all 3 T's have separate tenancy agreements or are they all on 1? Also are you obtaining possession of both flats or just one of them? If both you would need to fill out 2 forms not just one, but again depends on what type of property you have created.


      The OP believes he has a non-licensable HMO, but is saying the form only allows for non-HMOs and licensable HMOs.


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