Police knocked down wrong flat door and then sent bill

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    Police knocked down wrong flat door and then sent bill

    Hi guys,

    Looking for some guidance.

    I own a block of flats with DSS tenants.

    A while back the police knocked down a front door looking for a particular tenant. Needless to say, it was the wrong door, and they were actually looking for the tenant that lived next door.

    We have just received a bill to repair this door which the police must have arranged.

    Are we still liable for this farcical sequence of events from the police?

    As a side note, the door they did knock down. The tenant was in, so they could have just knocked. Beggers belief.

    What is our course of action?

    Kind Regards,


    Refer the repairer back to the police IIWY.
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      Parliamentary Briefing on this issue.


        That link is not working leaseholder 64, have you got more details.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Look in your Downloads folder. If that doesn't work, try the parent page: https://researchbriefings.parliament...ummary/SN06627


            If the address listed on the warrant (if they had one of course and it was not a life and limb entry under sec 17 of pace) was not entered by the Police then of course it should be fixed at the expense of the public purse, if however any warrant stated that address exactly and the tenant was simply not there then the Police did not enter the incorrect address as per the warrant and it all depends on where the information came from to allow a magistrate to issue a warrant with that address on it. Also as an aside even if the tenant was in an address simply knocking on is not always the best bet, he/she could destroy evidence, arm themselves or all manner of other things which the police do not want to give them the chance to do, and all this is possible if they know they are coming by that simple knock on the door.


              Thanks for the responses guys.

              So, the warrant was for flat 1, 32 and they knocked down the door for flat 2, 34.

              They then preceded to arrest the inhabitants of flat 2, 34. Their solicitor has advised them that this is an unlawful entry.

              The invoice for repair states flat 1, 32.

              What is our course of action as landlords? Are we liable for the door?

              As a side note, my Dad was on site whilst all the above was going on, and has a key for all of the above premises. He offered to assist the police, but they decided to bulldoze ahead on their own.

              Kind Regards,



                Doors can be deadlocked, keys can be left in mortice locks, and squibs can be set on rim locks. Bolts can be added, and door chains used. Fumbling with a key would give more time to flush the drugs down the loo.

                Seems to me you need to point out that they have the wrong door as they are going to follow through on that false premise.


                  Well if they used the big red key on flat 2 34 and the warrant clearly stated 1 32....... the Police officer in charge messed up and they are 100% liable to fix said door, i can not see why they would not, they did not carry out the instructions of the warrant issued by the court !!!


                    It's not clear to me whether you're landlord of Flat 1 or 2, or both?

                    It doesn't matter to you whether entry was lawful as far as the guy that was eventually arrested. The courts will deal with that in a case between the Crown and the arrested.

                    The door for the guy they were actually looking for, you're paying for if you're the landlord (whether you can later claim that from the tenant aside). The other door they also knocked down (?), the police should probably be paying for because either they knocked the wrong door down, or they had faulty intelligence on which flat the suspect actually lived in.
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                      We are the owner/landlord of both flats.

                      The invoice is for flat 1 - 32 (the door they were meant to knock down) rather than 2 - 34 the one they did knock down.

                      What is our course of action then?

                      - Solicitor
                      - Write to police
                      - Write to security company who is invoicing



                        Write to the people who invoiced, as everything else probably follows from the wrong invoice.


                          Just re-reading all that.

                          It seems to me that the police have acted entirely within their powers to enter both properties, although each one for a different reason.

                          The police had a warrant for flat 1-32, so were entitled to force entry.

                          They didnt have a warrant for flat 2-34, but forced entry anyway and arrested the occupant.
                          The police can raid a property without a search warrant and without anyone’s consent if they have an arrest warrant issued by a magistrate and police officers have reasonable grounds to believe an individual is on the property.

                          You can ask the force for compensation for flat 1-32 on the grounds that the warrant had the wrong address. - But even that would be a discretionary ex-gratia payment as the police were acting on the information that they had on the warrant.


                            It's not completely clear, but my reading is that they may have entered the wrong flat, then arrested whoever the occupants where - not that they actually entered the flat looking for those people.


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