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    HMO confusion help

    Please someone clarifier this for me.

    I have a 3 bed house rented to 3 persons , 2 are a couple and the third one is a family member of the couple ( cousin)

    Do I need HMO for this tenancy, Has the HMO different legislations for different Local authority.

    Thank you

    Family member are fine, you should not need an HMO tenancy.

    I had a couple with sister of the brother living in a house, I clarified that with the council as not classified as HMO. I do not see how this is any different.


      Cousins qualify as 'relatives' under HA 2004 so its a single household and not an HMO


        There again in some cultures you have to be carefull.

        "Aunty" can mean my mothers friend rather than a relative.

        The same can apply to 'cousins' and similar terms.


          I thank all of you for your replies, I think I do understand now the meaning of household.
          For future reference while we are on the subject, do a two related couples occupying the same property are withing the meaning of "Household" ?

          Thanks again


            If the couples are related to each other then yes, its a single household.


              Originally posted by ladybreaker View Post
              Do I need HMO for this tenancy,
              I don't under sand his question.

              If you are letting out an entire property, then you do not need a different agreement just because there are 3 or more people in more than 1 household in it.

              What you do need to do if it is an HMO is comply with HMO legislation and any local licencing requirements.

              If the third person is indeed a cousin of one of the couple, then it is one household and not a HMO.


                Yes, they dont have to be married.


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