Mattress in a furnished flat

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    Mattress in a furnished flat

    Dear all,

    Advice please !

    I am renting out a two bed flat. The tenant has been in less than 2 weeks

    The tennant is complaining that the mattress is too dirty.

    I have said I am willing to replace for a new one if he gets rid of the old one.

    He is now refusing.

    The very sad thing is that he used to be my lodger and has never been such a *#$* !

    Advice ? I’ll attach a pic of the mattress - but what do people think?



    You do not suggest it is not dirty. If it is dirty , replace it, get rid of old one yourself.

    And serve s21 when you can
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      Most bed shops will take away old mattress for free if buying new mattress from them.


        unfortunatley cant see the pic - if its dirty just replace and ask council or bed shop to pick it - council might do for free, matresses can be bought cheap enough, or take the old mattress to the tip (we took three on top of a car and they took them for free )make sure it has the fire resistant tab
        see if he settles down and if he continues to complain about minor things , see how it goes


          If you buy a replacement online its usually a small extra fee to take the old one away.


            Look on your local selling group on Facebook or try freecycle, gumtree etc. And don't forget your local charity shops - I've got some fantastic deals from my local ones.


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