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    The original contract was it CONTINUES on contractural periodic. I looked a little more into it and this is a muddy area but like you I feel if protected correctly the all is good (even if it did come unprotected)

    Knowledge share

    you'll be pleased to know the deposit guard from RLA doesn't unprotect for insured based schemes.

    Another reason to use them.

    Deposit contractiction
    this is quite worrying, basically says you must comply with the deposit scheme rules

    although here it kind of contradicts the situation and says if you protected it correctly at the start then you are ok.

    You can claim compensation of 1 to 3 times the amount of your tenancy deposit if your landlord:

    - doesn't protect your tenancy deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme-
    - doesn't give you certain information about the scheme being used
    - takes too long to protect your deposit or give you prescribed information

    basically you protected it correctly. you are good!


    I'm going to issue my 1st S21 notice of eviction , new experience for me


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