renting flat via agency - patio not useable

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    renting flat via agency - patio not useable

    Hi guys,

    I am renting for about 12 months now a flat with a patio on the outside, which is the only source of light for this apartment. Since eight months of those 12, there is a construction on the patio which causes that I am not able to use it and the light is cut that it's very dark on the inside even on sunny days.

    The agency told there is no compensation for as the building management is responsible for. I am wondering if this is the truth? I don't have any trust in the agency caused by few points.

    I was never informed about this construction, and it appeared during my working day, which also was very bad for my privacy as the workers were all the time on my ground and even smoking cigarettes.
    Once I wanted to get information, and I tried to contact my landlord in different ways, I never got any information whatsoever.

    Now in the last three months of my tenancy, the agency did viewings of the apartment without my agreement. I just found out about because they let the light on. Otherwise, I wouldn't even know that they entered my flat. So there is no trust there at all.

    Is there any way of getting compensation for all the frustration in the last months? I would be so happy if you could help me with your knowledge.

    Maybe putting together my problems in a few points:
    - the construction which takes all my available space on the patio
    - construction takes all the sunlight
    - construction workers on the ground of the patio so I often couldn't move within the flat without viewers
    - the agency did viewings with just an SMS notification I rejected because the times were not convenient (I was on holidays, and it was 2-3 months before moving date)

    Thank you for your help!

    For the patio issues, we would need to see the terms of both the long lease for the flat, and your tenancy agreement, but note that leases often exclude the right to light.

    For the viewings, we would need to see the terms of your tenancy agreement, but they may be trespassing and it may be reasonable to temporarily change the locks, replacing them with the originals, when you leave.


      If you were not informed of the buiding works before signing, and assuming that the landlord or agent were aware, then you probably would have had the right to unwind the tenancy agreement for a period, but its a bit late now and if you want compensation you will probably have to sue them for it. I would just find somewhere else asap and leave the agent an honest review on the review sites


        Hi guys,

        thank you for your responses! I will take it then as it is as it seems that there are no options left.

        Appreciate your time looking over my issue!
        Thank you very much


          I think it important to know the status of the patio. If it is not demised to the flat, the lease may well give the freeholder the right to develop it, and, in any case, the average absentee landlord is unlikely to really know what is going on on the estate, even if the plans were well known to residents.


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