Tenant wants to install exercise pole in room

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    Tenant wants to install exercise pole in room

    I've had a new tenant move in this week, and upon moving in she mentioned she would like to put an exercise pole in her room as the house is too far from her gym to go to the gym every day. As I was put on the spot I said I would look into it but expressed concern about potential damage to the lath and plaster ceiling. I've actually had a few prospective tenants ask me about having these poles in their room and its put me off considering them. The house was fully refurbished in 2017.

    The pole would need to be positioned beneath a ceiling joist but even then I'm concerned that it might cause some of the lime plaster to break away. They said they would get someone in to fit it, permanent fixings wouldn't be allowed but even the type that fit due to pressure/ tension could cause damage when installed or during use. Then the tenant may try moving it around and it could end up going through the ceiling. There is no floor in the loft above. The room is a good size but since they had asked me to put in a desk I am concerned there isn't the room to safely use one of these poles.

    Does anyone have any experience with tenants having these poles installed? I'm inclined to say no due to risk of damage. I've just got a feeling they might go ahead and install one anyway.

    I would certainly not agree to this, what if they like swimming and the pool is too far away....... build a mini one in the back lounge, it was let as seen and that is it, get them to set off earlier and get to the gym.


      I'd say no. If it's an old house the plaster on the ceiling might well crumble and fall away (I know it would in my house ). In either case the beams that hold the ceiling up are just to hold the ceiling up and aren't designed to support the stress of a pole.

      Putting bolts through the plasterwork would leave scars when they're removed, unless the holes were filled in by an expert, then they would need painting and a fresh area of paint always shows so the whole ceiling would need repainting - tell her that


        The answer is no. The fabric of the building won't ustain it and you do not ant it. If she puts one in you will issue her a S21 and will claim for ALL damages / repair to make good.
        The answer is NO!

        Second answer is if she wants one she can buy a house and put one in there.

        Third answer: the point of a gym is exercise, so one far away just means more of what she is going there for anyway!


          Is there anyone underneath her room? I would think it would be a nightmare for them


            Defo no - sounds like its part of her occupation, if the gym is that far away suggests she cycles there


              definitely no.
              There is just too much that could go wrong, including expensive damage and the pole/fixings failing and her breaking her neck.


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