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    Interpretation of covenant

    My lease for my apartment states that it should not be used for

    "Any purpose other than as a private residence in single occupation only"

    I'm not sure how to interpret this though.

    What does single occupation mean?

    Does this mean I cannot sublet? My lease does not mention subletting.

    What about a friend of mine who needs somewhere to stay for two weeks between apartments?

    What about couchsurfing? Where I have someone stay with me on my couch while I am there?

    The single occupancy part of the clause means that the apartment should only be used as a home for a single household. If there is nothing prohibiting subletting you probably can sublet, but you would have to sublet the whole property - you can't let out rooms on separate leases.

    Someone staying as a guest would not be affected, and it is also likely that you could have a lodger.

    The private residence bit means that you can't use the property for business purposes, and this would likely include holiday rental.


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