Universal Credit - Rent Arrears - Tenant not paying - Section 8

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    Universal Credit - Rent Arrears - Tenant not paying - Section 8

    Hello everyone.

    It's about my tenant who was destined to give me trouble.

    So, as soon as universal credit started, Rent payments switched to UC from the local council.

    My tenant is ever since mostly drunk and enjoying the money which he was supposed to pay me as rent.

    I don't think he has any intentions to payback 12 weeks overdue rent as well as going forward.

    Can I get some advice on how to get his rent payments into his landlord's account (which is me) by UC department?
    I definitely do not want any money going to his account anymore.

    Also, Sect 8 is same as 10yrs ago or things are changed like sect 21 ?

    Many Thanks.

    Literally the first result on Google.....


    Well, the prescribed form's been updated a few times, but other than downloading the latest version, yes.
    I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

    I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


      Strongly suggest you serve s8g8, 10& 11 TODAY also. Sorry to read your story.

      Unfortunately UC has been a complete **** up since the start, landlords, tenants etc damaged. This government couldn't run a whelk stall.
      I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


        I think the one real **** up about UC is the fact the govt thought that those in receipt of full HB could be trusted not to drink it all or smoke it all, sadly we know a lot can not handle any form of budgeting and it's this element which is causing most issues, get the tenant out ASAP and think very carefully if you want to allow anyone else in receipt of UC to become a tenant again.


          May be easier to sue T for arrears of rent via SCC + costs.
          Apply for CCJ & register against T.
          UC rent payments can be paid direct to LL if requested.


            Suing someone on UC is unlikely to result in the debt being paid off in a reasonable timescale, as the debtor generally has no disposable income.

            Government policy is that people should learn to budget, so landlords cannot request and expect to get payment as a right. It is a last resort.


              Originally posted by Hudson01 View Post
              I think the one real **** up about UC is the fact the govt thought that those in receipt of full HB could be trusted not to drink it all or smoke it all, sadly we know a lot can not handle any form of budgeting and it's this element which is causing most issues, get the tenant out ASAP and think very carefully if you want to allow anyone else in receipt of UC to become a tenant again.
              It's pretty well documented that the main issue with UC and rent is the delay in the claimant getting any UC payment to start with.
              You can't budget money you don't have.

              The government simply assumed that everyone claiming UC would have just left salaried work and would have their last months salary to live on.
              Of course that's simply not correct and well over half of workers still get paid weekly or fortnightly.
              Never mind those who get Migrated from 'heritage benefits'.

              It's slowly getting better and HB can now run on for 2 weeks after you have to claim UC. (Big deal if you're waiting 3 months for your UC housing to start being paid).

              It's also getting easier to set up an APR (direct payments), but again that can still be subject to long delays before any rent is paid at all, especially at the start of the claim.

              Both of those measures have only been brought in after lengthy campaigns and court action by the big welfare advice organisations.

              It's at least 5 weeks, and can be 3 months (or more) before the 'housing element' gets paid with UC.
              the RLA said the process takes an average of 9.3 weeks, with one landlord reporting it taking a year.

              Of course none of this is happening, UC is wonderful.
              Charities, advice organisations, and the press are all scaremongering liars
              Foodbanks are not needed, people only use them so they can spend their benefits on booze.
              The DWP are wonderful, claimants are all scumbags.
              In a recent incident a court submission from the DWP to a benefits tribunal actually called the claimant a "Lying bitch", totally unacceptable.
              (Magically once this hit the press the DWP changed their decision and she was found to still be disabled after all).

              Don't fall for their propaganda.

              The DWP have just paid for a 9 week advertising campaign with wrap-around UC propoganda campaign in a Metro wrap around, but sneakily they don't mention that it's paid for DWP advertising. (Which is against advertising guidlines/rules).
              Money which would have been better spent improving the UC system rather than continuing to deny that it's flawed.

              The Chair of the Government own Works and Pensions Select Committee (MP Frank Fields) said in an official statement last week:
              “Rather than wasting huge chunks of desperately needed resources on 10 weeks of advertorial, why won’t the Government just take a look at the terrible reality of the facts we and so many others are showing them, for free, and instead spend that money on making some of its claims about UC helping people come true?”
              Here's what the NUJ has to say:


                Hopeless maybe, but T will still have a CCJ for debt, which should reduce access to further credit. Tcan blame UC for CCJ.


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