Section 48: Can you still withhold rent after a tenancy has ended?

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    Originally posted by KTC View Post
    (Obviously not binding authority) A landlord is not able to satsify s48 once the tenancy has ended : Zafar v Goddard [13 December 2010] Bristol County Court (DDJ Batstone)
    I had a feeling I had seen something, but Googling did not reveal it.


      Strictly speaking, no one has any idea if mail sent to an address will be received by the addressee.
      Mail diverts exist for that very purpose.

      For a long period, I received mail addressed to me at an address someone else was living in.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


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      • Oven light not working
        I have a new tenant, a fussy one. I had a new bed base and mattress delivered for him, the first day he moved in complained mattress is too soft so had to replace and lost money on the other one
        Then he called the grill in the electric oven is not working which I knew from previous tenants...
        20-10-2019, 14:54 PM
      • Reply to Oven light not working
        What a dreadful waste and environmental disaster that would be. Every appliance would have to be replaced when one small aspect of it became non-repairable. One would not do that as a normal homeowner (throw out perfectly good and safe ovens with a minor defect, a whole refrigerator with a small crack...
        20-10-2019, 21:05 PM
      • Viewing - Should I be concerned?
        I had a property viewing. The agency told me the prospective tenant is a woman. No one came. Agency was unable to contact the woman. I was about to leave, when about half an hour later, a man rang the door bell.

        He was a heavily built Bulgarian man. He was well dressed and wearing a...
        20-10-2019, 17:03 PM
      • Reply to Viewing - Should I be concerned?
        Anyway if there is a broadband connection it would be worth setting up a £50 webcam in unoccupied properties....
        20-10-2019, 20:53 PM
      • Reply to Viewing - Should I be concerned?
        Agree with ash72 i would not have allowed HIM in when i was expecting a female, i too would forget about squatting and be concerned about other criminal activities should it be let to them...... i would also be speaking with the agent to check their vetting procedures.
        20-10-2019, 20:43 PM
      • Reply to Oven light not working
        The T said the mattress is still sealed, company said they won't take it back if used for hygiene reasons. I am still waiting for the refund, takes 2 weeks. It was bed base and mattress set deal, the base was discounted to half price so I have to pay full price for the base as I am keeping it plus they...
        20-10-2019, 20:05 PM
      • Reply to Oven light not working
        I bought the same exact bed set base and mattress 6 years ago from the same place for another tenant and never complained. This T moved in and within hours he called the estate agent and told them to it's too soft and can't sleep on it and the agent asked me to replace it as if I am hotel, I did replace...
        20-10-2019, 19:48 PM
      • Reply to Oven light not working
        Consider yourself lucky, you had a repair to the grill, which you managed to postpone for a long time. Having the oven repaired, it seems unfortunate the bulb needs replacing. If you are worried about the bulb holder, may be the oven needed replacing? So you are chasing good money after bad. Sometimes,...
        20-10-2019, 19:34 PM
      • Notice Period

        I'm hoping someone can advise.

        We've been renting our property since 27/07/09, initially for a term of 12 months after which it was never renewed. The initial contract states the following:

        'To end this agreement two months written notice will need to be given...
        20-10-2019, 11:39 AM
      • Reply to Notice Period
        • 1) By making it clear in the original tenancy agreement that the tenancy will become a “contractual periodic tenancy” after the fixed period (the word “contractual” should be stated).

        I agree that the agreement needs to be clear, but not that he word “contractual” should be stated.
        20-10-2019, 19:16 PM