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    A court order for payment of rent arrears has been awarded to me by the court as part of a Possession Order. It would seem logical to me that the order is automatically logged on the register of CCJs, but apparently this does not happen. How to get this court order onto the CCJ register and how can I then check if the order has been put on the CCJ register?

    How long agao was it granted? There could be a backlog at the court.

    Check here to see if it would be recorded at all!


      Check here;

      Judgements (usually) need to be enforced to go on the register;

      Edit: Cross posted with Stef


        The possession order was granted on 22nd January 2019, but
        according to the Trustonline website search,
        hasn't appeared on the register . Looking at the government web site, it would appear I can do a Money Claim Online (MCOL) which I will try next.


          You need to enforce the order you have: an examination of the debtor in court is usually a good start (and will result in the registration of the existing judgment). It is iniquitous that a money judgment obtained as part of possession proceedings isn't registered like most other judgments - but those are the rules.


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