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    Cavity wall insulation

    Talking to my dad who like me owns a few houses and he said the tenant asked about cavity wall insulation from a cold call, and this got the cogs working what if the tenant had authorised
    the insulation and he said no,now me being a builder as well i hate the stuff and the problems its causes but what action could he take
    Removal of it is not cheap and could the tenant use the green ozone as some get out clause in today eco envoirment and would a council agree with me if they got involved being all for the ozone
    The only option i could see is to sue the tenant, but you could never get face brickwork back to how it was it would look like a patchwork quilt !
    Just a interesting thing in today culture

    Many thanks

    The holes are drilled in the mortar, and you have to look quite hard to find them. In fact the real problem is that they are difficult for EPC assessors to see so the EPC rating may not benefit from the work.

    You should accept the work as a free improvement.


      Do not allow any tenant to modify your property - - - Ever.

      So he gets a cold call, therefore you KNOW it's from a cowboy operation.
      Even if it's a government scheme, 80% were found to be defective in their operation, and some were even closed down / contracts recinded.

      If the job was done, and there are massive problems, and the tenant leaves with no forwarding address and you have no idea who did the insulation, ( contact will be between subtenant and installers, and not you ) - who are you going to sue ?

      Also, last time i looked ( 18 months ) some are done by the energy companies and no one does it for free ( costing millions of £'s ) they increase the gas / electric price over 5 to 10 years to get their money back.

      Cavity wall insulation if you live in Northern Canada where it's below freezing 6 months of the year, but not in U.K.

      Don't do it.


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