Landlord has not professionally cleaned property prior to commencement.

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    Landlord has not professionally cleaned property prior to commencement.

    The contract has been signed and I have paid all the fees. The Landlord has not professionally cleaned the property and it is dirty. The signed contract states "It is agreed that the Landlord at the Landlord’s expense will have the Property professionally cleaned prior to the commencement of the Tenancy Period."

    I am not moving in until the property is cleaned as per the contract, I was ready to move in today (the commencement date). Can I withhold rent or get reimbursed for the days until the cleaning is completed as the landlord did not fulfil the contract?

    I guess it hinges on 'how professional are professionals?' Not very, in my experience.

    Just get the place cleaned yourself, then you can leave it dirty when you leave.


      They have agreed to pay for the professional cleaning and shown me the order for it, but it will not be for a few days. Can I deduct these days from my rent payment as they did not fulfil the contract?

      Also the contract states that I, the tenant, must have property professionally cleaned when I leave.


        I don't think you can deduct days of rent. (Otherwise landlords could also deduct days of rent when it takes them a while to clean a place after a tenant.)

        Presumably you have an inventory saying the place is dirty? Then how will they charge you for leaving it dirty?


          Well, they're gonna clean it. The basic issue is they're delaying me moving in because they haven't cleaned the flat and I'm currently paying rent for days when I can't move in yet.

          So I'm thinking there must be some recourse for me, I'm paying for nothing at the moment. Appreciate your responses.


            For breach of contract you have to mitigate your losses, and I would suggest that moving in immediately is the best way to do that.

            In practice, what you can claim will be negligible unless it is so bad as to create a serious health hazard. An absolute ceiling would be the cost of having it professionally cleaned yourself, but I don't think you will get anything like that.


              How dirty is it? Cleaning when you are in the place could be considered breaching your "quiet enjoyment" so I guess you could insist that doesnt happen and refuse to pay for professional cleaning when you leave on the grounds that it was dirty when you moved in - but really the sensible thing to do is move in, pay the rent and generate some goodwill.


                I would take pictures of it if its dirty


                  I already paid the rent, but I didn't move in for a few days, because the property cleaning hadn't been completed since the last tenants.

                  I'm not really interested in generating goodwill, the experience with the agent has been bad. I'm sure they don't care about their tenants in general and I can tell this from my experience and conversations with them. I've rented various places over the last ten years. I mainly would like some recourse out of principle, as I'm sure they try and squeeze money out of all of their tenants and most will just take the losses because they don't want the hassle.


                    You moved in a few days after signing the AST. The Tenancy & rent due started on that later date. Up to you if you want to accept LLs offer of a delayed clean.


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