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  • Mardpop!
    started a topic Ending Tenancy Early

    Ending Tenancy Early


    I’ve recently moved into shared accommodation and just wanted a little clarification with regards my tenancy agreement, if possible!

    the agreement says it is neither an assured tenancy agreement nor an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, does this mean it’s classed as a fixed term agreement? its for 6 months initially then changes to rolling month to month.

    Nowhere in the agreement does it state how much notice I have to give prior to wanting to move out, and it does state “if the tenant moves out prior to the natural expiration of this agreement, a relet levy of £150 will be charged to the tenant”

    Now the the reason why I’m asking is I’ve been offered a new job, just after moving in and it’s a fair distance away. I have a feeling I’m going to want to move closer to work pretty quickly. Am I right in thinking that if for whatever reason I needed to move out before the end of the 6 month agreement, I would just need to pay £150? Or would I still be liable for the rent for however many months are left?

    Sorry if this is all common sense/knowledge, it’s my first renting experience!

    thanks in advance for any help!


  • MdeB
    Did you pay a deposit?
    If so,then you may have to fight for its return (less the £150).
    But do not do anything about it until you are out.

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  • KTC
    Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
    if the answers are yes, no, and no, you probably do have an AST and a rogue landlord.
    Make that a non-shorthold assured tenancy, and an idiotic rogue landlord. As Lawcruncher once point out on another thread, a notice that say the tenancy is not shorthold makes it non-shorthold, but a notice that say the tenancy is not assured is of no effect. So long as the criteria for assured is satisfied, then it's going to be assured.

    But since it's the tenant wanting to leave early, rather than the landlord wanting to evict it doesn't really matter in this case.

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  • Mardpop!
    Thank you for the help!

    Yeah this is my main home, the landlord doesn’t live there and nope it’s not special housing.

    So, by the sounds of it I can just give them the £150 and be done with it, as they’ve stated themselves on the agreement that they don’t class this as an AST, even though it likely is and as they haven’t stated a notice period it should be fine to leave before six months is up, even if there is no tenant lined up? I just don’t want them to claim I have 5 months left of owed rent!

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  • leaseholder64
    Is this your main home?

    Does the landlord live in the same property?

    Is this special housing in some other way?

    if the answers are yes, no, and no, you probably do have an AST and a rogue landlord.

    On the other hand, if they are prepared to let you buy yourself out for only £150, you should probably take that option and not worry about it too much,, for an AST, you can't give notice that ends before the six months, and thereafter it will be 1 month,rounded up to the next rental period.

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