Forged signature on rent book!

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    Forged signature on rent book!

    I took my tenant to court for rent arrears for repossesion.
    He presented the rent book with my forged signature. I obviously said that signature was not mine.
    The judge ordered him to file a defence (with details of those forged payments) and in case he didnt (which he didnt of course) then:

    -The claimant may request the court to list the possession claim on 48 hrs notice

    What does that mean?

    Hi Sannya

    This is not my area and I am sure you will receive responses from landlords with experience of your issue.

    However reading your post, the judge asked the defendant (tenant) to file a defence with proof of payments. If this was not forthcoming by the deadline set by the court, the claimant (i.e. you) can apply to the court for possession giving 48 hours notice.


      Thanks for your reply. But giving 48 hrs to who?
      Shall I serve this notice to the tenants?
      So confused....


        To the Court.


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