Options for recoverimg rent from other tenant

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  • Options for recoverimg rent from other tenant

    i am hoping for some information regarding the following situation:

    I moved into a house with another 2 friends where we all signed a lease agreement with the landlord. One of these friends had to move out earlier than expected so we got another tenant to take her place. Unfortunately the Landlord was slack and although he was supposed to provide a new lease for all of us to sign (including the new girl) he never did, nor did he ever take a deposit from the newer tenant.

    We have all moved out now, but the newer tenant failed to pay the last months rent and as such the landlord has deducted it from our deposit (even though in a verbal conversation he said this wouldn't happen if the newer tenant left earlier than the term of the lease). We would really like to recover the money from this tenant but have no forwarding details enabling us to contact them. I have managed to find the contact details of the tenant's parents. How feasible is it to pursue legal action on this matter, or will it be too costly to proceed for the sake of 1 months rent? Also since there is no signed lease by the tenant can they still be obligated to pay the money by the courts?

    FInally if i need to send legal documentation re this issue i will have no choice but to send it to the parents address... can they be held liable for the missing rent and will the tenant be held liable if documentation is sent to the parents address rather than their own?

    sorry it's long winded... but some advice on this matter would be great!

    many thanks,


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    I'd suggest your first port of call would be to phone the parents and explain the situation - if you're lucky they might be concerned enough to give their errant offspring up the backside and sort it out forthwith. Unless they were guarantors for the tenant, they wouldn't be legally liable (and even then, presumably only to the landlord and not to you).

    If not, the way forward is via the Small Claims Court (or moneyclaim.gov.uk) which doesn't cost much - something like £30 for the amount of a month's rent?


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      thanks eric.

      i meant to add that the parents of said tenant reside outside of the UK and the tenant has left her last known place of work .I'm unsure if she is still in the UK. WIll this affect the process if i go through the small claims court?

      Many Thanks.


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        I'm curious about this too? Anyone?


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