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    Thanks artful I’m in north east so not near pond as always appreciate any other comments you have thanks for replies everyone


      Have you checked that there is planning permission for the other holiday let in the street? I think a lot of these are done under the radar.

      A full time holiday let property doesn't pay council tax. It is a business and pays business rates on he same basis as a B&B.


        Unless you are in a really desirable place you won't get booked every day. You've got to ask yourself 'who is going to book it and why'. If the listing you looked at it appears to be booked that may not be the case as owners can block dates out as they choose and that shows as 'booked'.

        My Airbnb (sleeps 2) is in a big seaside town on south coast 7 mins from beach. It is booked nearly every weekend Fri - Sun (£122) but not often in the week. Bank Holidays and Air Show always good and I max out on price. A standard rent on that small house would be £670 pcm but with Airbnb there is less wear and tear an I have control.

        Most 'guests' are coming to weddings, family events, visiting kids at UNI, hospital visits, beach, funerals and that sort of thing. Currently a Belgian woman has it booked 5 nights but failed to turn up - I still get paid. Servicing is key - it's like Ebay - you need good reviews - one bad one and you are toast. Don't do the dishwasher.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


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