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  • What next after S8?

    Hi there

    Apologies if this has already been covered, but I couldn't find an answer.

    I have a tenant in arrears, have served a S21 (expires 26/04/08) and have also served a S8 (served 28/03/08) to evict and recover arrears.

    The tenant is not communicating so I don't know if he's even still in the property (which is 300 miles away). Could someone help me with the following:

    - What do I do once the 2 weeks notice have expired? Apply to the County Court? Are there any specific forms needed?

    - What happens if the tenant moves out without telling me and doesn't respond to any legal communication? Can proceedings still continue and can I trace him down?



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    I was in a pretty similar position some time ago - try this lengthy thread which should hopefully answer most of your queries:


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      Thanks Eric

      Have read in detail and found the content very useful. However, it doesn't seem to answer the question about the tenant doing a runner and me trying to obtain arrears from him.

      The thread seems to focus on getting the tenant out, when I'm more focused on getting my arrears, plus costs back. The tenant has a good job and is not on DSS.

      Am I being naiive here or are there ways of getting the money back?




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        No guarantor. Just a regular AST agreement.


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          Since you have no idea whether he is still there, the most sensible option would be to get a Possession Order so the tenant can be legally evicted. As part of the Possession Order, you can specify the arrears and costs; which the court will then automatically order the tenant to pay back.

          Once you have this order, get your property back. Then, assuming the tenant has already gone, either:

          -Hire a tracking company to find the new address of the tenant and pursue the them for the debt through the court.
          -Get a debt collection company to pursue the tenant (before or after tracking his new address down) but be prepared for them to take their cut.


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            You can use http://www.burton-regan.co.uk/ - they offer a no find no fee service.

            Also you can try tracesmart, think if you credit check them you will get all the associated addresses, bank accounts that are in the tenant's name

            Good luck - Let us know how you go.


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