Grade 2 listed - requirement for an EPC

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    Grade 2 listed - requirement for an EPC

    I have a potential client who wants me to rent his Grade 2 listed barn conversion. It's a lovely property and he currently has it on the market for sale with another agent.

    They currently have an EPC for it (even though I don't think they needed one) and it's score is F.

    After 1st April 2020 all properties will require their EPC to be at least E in order to be compliant, but where do we stand given that this is a listed building and should not really require an EPC?

    Has the fact that they've already gotten one scuppered their chances of ever letting it again?

    EPC is a legal requirement before sale or renting.
    It is for then LL to make nec improvements to raise score to E by required date and obtain an updated EPC
    Why do you think a Grade 2 listed Barn conversion /residential is exempt from EPC?
    Though lLsted status may restrict nec improvements.


      It highly likely needs an EPC like everyone else.

      If consent is required for the relevant improvement, then the landlord need to make reasonable efforts to obtain said consent. If landlord were unable to obtain such consent, then the property can be registered as exempt.
      I am not a lawyer, nor am I licensed to provide any regulated advice. None of my posts should be treated as legal or financial advice.

      I do not answer questions through private messages which should be posted publicly on the forum.


        The EPC will have a few cheap suggestions to get it to an E, won't it?


          Thanks all.

          Yes, I have now read up on obtaining an exemption from meeting the minimum standard, which it seems is the path we will probably have to go down.

          The cheapest option the EPC recommends is to install a condensing boiler at a cost of £2500. But it will actually cost far more than that due to the type of building and where the pipes will have to run.

          Thanks again.


            I wonder how many perfectly good buildings (and cars, and fridges, and light fittings) have been scrapped or destroyed as a result of these environmental evangelists. I suspect they are responsible for a great deal of environmental destruction (both planetary destruction and destruction of our infrastructure). I am greatly concerned about the environment -- but these people are simply idiots and vandals.

            I just fitted 10 thermostatic valves to radiators in my own home. I did them because the valves needed replacing anyway as some were leaking. As a primary environmental change it would be totally pointless - it will take decades to achieve more energy saving than the cost of the metal involved and the petrol used by the fitters. A lot of EPC changes are similar - yes it is worth fitting a new boiler of decent design if you are changing one anyway. Scrapping 50kg of perfectly good material just for the sake of it is another matter altogether.


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