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    Residential Tenants Rights

    We have been privately renting a property for approximately 2 years, unfortunately housing benefit was stopped last september and we now owe approx £2400. This was only brought to our attention in february and we have been making small payments (in agreement with landlord) ever since. It now transpires that a notice to quit, which we had been told to disreguard, was implemented. Apparently, it was due to expire on the day we last went into the agents (Friday 28th March 2008). Does anybody have any information regarding our current legal position, what rights we have, the legal process and time scale that it takes?

    Apologies if any of the "posting" of this is incorrect - this is my first attempt at anything like this!!

    What was the notice? any mention of "section 21" or "section 8" anywhere?

    You are entitled to stay in your home until you are evicted by bailiffs which will be at least 2 months away but probably much longer.

    Before that stage you will be posted notification if your LL has started court proceedings against you, and you will get a chance to defend.

    If LL says ignore it, its best to sort it out with LL what is going on.
    All posts in good faith, but do not rely on them

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    You can search the forums here:


      I advise you to get down to your local CAB with all documents and letters to hand.

      Who has served you with a "Notice to Quit" because the worst you can have is a S.21 Notice Seeking Possession, or a S.8 (Ground 8) Notice concerning possible court proceedings for arrears. Either way you are okay for a week or two if it's the latter, and for at least 2 months if the former.

      Follow what Bel has said too.
      The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


        How was notice hand letter.....ARE YOU SURE YOU EVER GOT IT???
        What i write is what i think....If you need solid info PAY A SOLICITOR!!


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