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  • Deposit Protection-Prescribed Information for DPS

    Hi all,

    As you know, in addition to protecting a tenant's deposit in one of three government-approved schemes, a landlord has to provide the tenant with certain prescribed information about the scheme. Both these actions have to be completed within 14 days of receiving the deposit.

    For those using the DPS, i've drafted a document (attached in the zip file) that will hopefully cover all the prescribed information you need to provide (it could probably be adapted for the TDS scheme too). Although i have done my research for the document, it makes a number of assumptions:

    -That you do have both a written tenancy agreement and supply the DPS Terms and Conditions with the document (latest DPS Terms and Conditions are included in the attachment).

    -You tenancy agreement contains certain information (see all of g). In particular, you will need to amend the information given in the "Tenancy Agreement" column in g(vi) because it refers to a specific section in my tenancy. Just change it to point to the bit in your tenancy agreement that states the circumstances in which you may keep all or part of the tenancy at the end of the agreement (e.g. damage, non-payment of rent etc).

    -The DPS Terms and Conditions continue to provide the majority of the information.

    I would appreciate it any comments and suggestions. Please bear in mind that i may have missed things out/made mistakes, so it is your responsibility to ensure it is accurate. I will be using the document though, so i do have faith in it!

    Feel free to use it as you wish. This forum has been a tremendous help to me and so i hope i can give something back with this addition.


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