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  • AST - TDP help please!

    Can anyone please confirm whether or not i am entitled to court action where my landlord has not protected my deposit.

    The scenario is that I first signed an AST in Jan '07 for six months and paid a security deposit of £695 to my landlord. Six months later, my landlord insisted that i entered into another six month AST agreement which i duly signed in July '07. Given that my deposit was carried over into this new AST agreement and that TDP rules started in Apr '07, am i entitled to claim or is my tenancy exempt because the deposit was paid on signing the original AST before Apr '07?

    Having moved out of the property in Feb this year, a dispute has started over deductions from my deposit. My landlord has ignored my letters, telephone calls and has simply stuffed a cheque for £425 in the post saying thats all you are getting mate! I'm extremely angry that my landlord can do this and so i a considering legal action.

    Any advise appreciated.

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    As I understand it, if the landlord asked you to sign a new agreement after April 07, rather than the tenancy becoming periodic, he should have protected your deposit, in which case you do have a case against him. There wasa similar thread recently on this topic.


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