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    EPC is valid for 10 years and only required at time of Letting or selling


      Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post

      As I read the original, it took at least seven months to fix the gas fire.
      I read it as taking 7 months to get a new fire safety certificate, which now seems to have been the case. Nothing was said about the repair.

      If there was another form of heating the landlord could simply have had the fire removed but the tenant could send them the bill for the certificate/ repair and see where it gets them. Since they plan to move anyway if it gets them a section 21 they probably wont be bothered. .

      Anyway the point I was trying to make it that a property is not necessarily unsafe because a gas certificate is a couple of months late, especially if there was a previous valid certificate. Having your own certificate done doesnt necessarily make you any safer.


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