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    Originally posted by nukecad View Post
    I see the situation arising where the LL increases the rent, initially to cover the lack of a deposit, but then 'forgets' that the rent increase was ostensibly to cover potential damage and still sues the leaving tenant for any damage.

    Plus of course the excellent tenant who cause no damage has still paid that 'damage premium' and won't get it back like they would a deposit.

    All in all a win-win for the LL.
    I would hope a tenant could spot that type of landlord from the start, but yes i'm sure that will happen. In my case after looking at some figures the other night, i would be increasing my rent inline with market rate.


      T agrees to pay the rent due on signing the AST for 6 months. Even if Rent lowered as an incentive for No Deposit they still remain liable for any adjuged LL losses.


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