New laws regarding assured short hold tenancy agreements

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    New laws regarding assured short hold tenancy agreements

    Does anyone know what the new laws are regarding Assured Short-hold tenancy Agreement. My Agent is trying to sell me theirs because they say that there have been quite a few changes within the last year.

    I have all ready put in double glazing to bring the flat up to E, there are no fees as far as I can see for tenants to pay so I have left that out of my own lease.

    I cannot see what else is new apart from the fact they could rent the flat out for three years if they wish!

    Anything else to put in. I do not want to pay £100.00 for a lease, my own is pretty comprehensive.

    The other thing I have done is to print of a newer version of the prescribed information!

    Just to mention that the new tenants are moving in tomorrow. So some of the laws do not apply until the 1st of June!


      The government has a free agreement here.

      The rules are quite complex for a new tenancy now.
      If you're comfortable with your own knowledge, go ahead.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        I believe that there is nothing that you must put in, but there may be things that could protect your interests.
        I now include a clause for the tenancy to continue as a contractual periodic tenancy after the initial term as I believe it gives me better protection.

        One thing I think is "necessary" is to caveat "tenant shall not ... without LL written permission"clauses with "such permission not to be unreasonably withheld", but that has been round for several years..

        It is really only necessary if you get into dispute with the tenant.


          Both replies interesting. Although there is a government list of things the tenants should know about which apparnelty they need to have handed to them, but I would have thought that is down to the Agent.

          The laws do not come into effect until June 1st and they only want to rent the place for one year, so it is a one year tenancy agreement.

          I shall just ask the Agent to hand that to them.

          Well I do that, just let it continue as a contractual periodic tenancy. I think I will add that. So thanks for that.

          I have the clauses which state that the "tenant shall not.....................without the LL's permission" not that has done a lot of good I may add!

          Thanks for the input.


            The new laws regarding deposit and how much etc come into being on the 1st of June so do not apply to an AST at this moment in time.


              There are alos the Fit For Human Habitation regs, 20th March! Nobody seems to be talking about those much.



                Originally posted by Stef Cooke View Post
                There are alos the Fit For Human Habitation regs, 20th March! Nobody seems to be talking about those much.

                But those are about managing the property; I don't see how they affect the content of the tenancy agreement (which was the subject of the original post).

                I agree that there Have been a number of legal changes on management over the past year, and coming up.


                  The fitness for habitation law only affects the tenancy agreement! All it dose is to add an implied clause and void any clause that contradicts.


                    Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
                    The fitness for habitation law only affects the tenancy agreement!
                    It affects the management, as it requires that the property is maintained in a fit state.


                      HHSRS and retaliatory eviction rules already require that. All it is doing is allowing the tenant to enforce under civil law.


                        My apologies. I was only trying to point out that there are more changes underway. Changes that all landlords need to be aware of!


                          The HFFHH Act also has its own test for fitness, which is "it is so far defective in one or more of those matters that it is not reasonably suitable for occupation in that condition." I think its not yet clear that even a category 1 hazard notice under HHSRS would meet this test so I'll be more interested in reading the first few test cases when they arise


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