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    I have a housing benefit tenant who was housed using the rent deposit scheme. The local authority gave me £800 as a security deposit on what was a rent of £895 that is now £945. My tenant had the rent paid in full to begin with and now pays approx half herself and HB for the other half directly to me.

    My problem is that after 18 months she has caused more than £800 worth of damage and i am now exposed as the security deposit is essential used up already. If i get rid of her now then i should be ok and not out of pocket but, although she shows little respect for the property, i am still reluctant to to kick her out when she has a home there and kids at school etc.

    She has a dog who is out of control and is tearing the place to pieces. before she moved in a new upvc door was fitted that the animal has apparently ripped the letter box flap off on the inside actually splitting the plastic of the door in the process. The carpets are filthy and there is general damage around and to the new french windows out the back. This house was like a show house to begin with as my strategy is to present tenants with a stunning hosue to start with and most of my tenants strive to keep it nice. This one however has little interest and with a brat of son who seems to cause damage all over the place i can only assume the wrecking of the property will continue.If i approach the council i assume they'll say the agreement states no animals, which it does, but she still seams to have an animal there and i dont really see how i can stop her

    This is above and beyond normal wear and tear by anybody's standards.

    What should i do?

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    Originally posted by jackboy View Post
    What should i do?
    You have two options - (a) evict her, and (b) don't evict her.

    I suspect you have little chance of recouping any cost of repairs over and above the value of the deposit; and clearly this situation will get worse as time goes on.

    At the end of the day you are running a business not a charity, so if it were me I'm afraid I would be reposessing the property and let the council deal with rehousing her (no doubt passing her on to some other hapless landlord).


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      I totally agree with Eric if they cant look after the property get them out ASAP.


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        I have got to agree on this one. Get her out quickly. I've been in the same situation and the next thing was she stopped paying rent and when she eventually left I had to redecorate all through including new carpets and even a new window and it was so filthy you wouldnt believe it and she abandonned loads of stuff that I had the expense of getting rid of. Good luck.


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