Trying to figure out notice period

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    Trying to figure out notice period

    I gave my notice to my letting agency on Sunday - I have not yet received a response from them, which isn't surprising as they're awful at communication.

    I've since read my tenancy agreement, and I'm wondering if I gave the correct notice. I assumed it would be one month's notice so put 31/03/2019 as the leaving date. In the contract it states this...

    Terms of tenancy

    From and including 18/07/2018
    To and including 17/01/2019

    Should the tenancy not be determined at the end of such period. it shall continue thereafter from month to month until it shall be determined either by the landlord giving not less than two months' notice in writing or the tenant giving not less that one month's notice in writing that will expire at the end of a rental period


    Rent £600.00 per calendar month payable monthly in advance by banker's standing order, the first payment to be made on the signing of this agreement and thereafter on the 000 day of each month.

    So I'm pretty confused... on reading that initially I thought the 'rental period' just referred to a month, but does it meant the rental period 18th to the 18th of each month?

    Thanks in advance

    Your notice need to end on 17th of a month.

    And beware Saturday/Sunday/Bank holidays, it's one month from the date the notice is deemed served, which is normally a weekday. See your tenancy agreement as to how that's determined.
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