Concierge lost key and estate agents blaming me

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    Concierge lost key and estate agents blaming me


    Sorry I'm not really sure where to post this but hoping someone can help me navigate.

    My estate agency asked for me and my flatmate to hand our keys into our concierge when we leave the flat (sent via email) which is different to our tenancy agreement. I handed my keys in at 8pm on Saturday when I left (as I'm moving city) and my flatmate handed hers in on Sunday morning when she left.

    When the person completing the inventory came to collect them, they only had one set of keys (different person covering concierge) which was my flatmates. They rang me and I confirmed I had handed them in the previous night and they said not to worry.

    Today I have had more emails and phone calls asking where they are. When I spoke to my estate agency they said I have a duty of care for the keys so it is my responsibility, even though I handed them into who they deemed responsible enough to look after them until the inventory person came...

    They state that I must find them otherwise I will be charged for them.

    I was hoping you could teach me about my rights around this. Am I protected because I followed their email instructions? Or is it still my responsibility? Should the estate agency have some responsibility for trying to find them? Is it reasonable that they charge me for a lost set of keys and whatever else this might cost? (They mentioned about the cost of their time re: the emails to me to find them).

    RegardlessI, I'm trying to contact those who manage the concierge to contact the person I handed them to, in order to get proof for me handing them over, and hopefully actually find where they have been put.

    Any help would be much appreciated (even if it's not what I want to hear haha).

    Thank you,

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