Should I report straight to their landlord?

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    Should I report straight to their landlord?

    Hi new to this forum our next door neighbour (landlord) moved out last December and new neighbours moved in January.
    Their and oldish couple with a big dog constantly barking non stop. Also they have been having swinging parties on Saturday nights going on to early hours in the morning when the other couples leave (the sex is loud we can hear everything they are saying)
    There are few other things they smoke weed in there back garden and it travels up to my upstairs bathroom right next to my sons bedroom.

    He starts playing his guitar late at night and the walls are so thin.

    I emailed the estate agent two weeks ago they said they would visit I don’t think they have. I seen the landlord advertising the house to rent on Facebook a few months ago so that’s the only way I can contact her.

    My partner knocked on yesterday morning but no answer guessing they were tired from the night they had!

    What do we do from here? We are exhausted.

    Is the landlord subject to landlord licensing?

    Can you confirm this is a house, not a flat?

    At the moment I don't think you have any more protection than you would against an owner occupier doing the same, unless you have a socially responsible landlord, or landlord licensing forces him to be socially responsible. I don't think that stops you from contacting the landlord, but it means that you cannot rely on their taking action.

    What you probably can do, is report the noise nuisance, to the council, when it is actually happening, as they will want to experience it for themselves.

    You could also inform the police about the drug use, although, unless there was evidence that they were supplying the party goers, it might be a very low priority for them.

    Remember that, if you do take action and then try to sell, you will need to report the neighbour dispute to buyers.


      Sorry forgot to mention we are renting and yes we live in a house. I’m not sure the landlord knows about the dog as when she was advertising it the post says no pets.

      i will complain to the council just wasn’t sure whether I should tell the landlord first.


        I'd go with the landlord IIWY. I would want to know if it were me.
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