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    Yes the property was sold after my friend moved in.

    I’m not sure what you mean about who is responsible for the bedroom being used as a bedroom. It was obviously my friend who put the children in there but it’s an upstairs bedroom and not a dining room being used as a bedroom etc. It’s a 2 bedroom house and the boiler is in the 2nd bedroom. The new one has also been installed there, is that a problem?

    The landlord came today as planned. No one was home and she has not entered. She has posted this through the door however and asked my friend to sign and return it. Does this mean she is trying to protect the deposit? And so it wasn’t protected in the first place? She also posted the section 13 rent increase form.


      I was asking whether the landlord nominated it as a bedroom or the tenant did. Having a boiler in a bedroom is strange and I wondered if a room that was not intended as a bedroom had been repruposed, possibly because of overcrowding.


        It was rented as a 2 bedroom house so I guess the landlord. There is no where else for the boiler to go. It’s a tiny Victorian house. Downstairs bathroom and kitchen has been added later as an extension, apparently can’t go in there because it’s in a separate circuit or something. Living room is so small no room for it there and upstairs is the 2 bedrooms with no hallway so I guess it was out there because of space issues. Plus the boiler was at least 25 years old according to the person who fitted the new one so maybe it wasn’t unusual back then.


          Originally posted by SacreLao View Post
          Do not do as LL suggests in her message. i.e. do not give notice to end the tenancy until somewhere else has been found.

          Despite what she says, tenant giving notice is not what is required if T does not agree to the increase.


            Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
            Fourth sentence. Engineer is protecting themselves but seems to be saying it is safe.
            Saying "no gas leak".
            Earlier bit about flue is saying "it is NOT safe".


              Originally posted by leaseholder64 View Post
              Having a boiler in a bedroom is strange
              My daughter's house, about 10 years old, has boiler in wardrobe in a bedroom (as built).


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