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    We have offered her 11 different dates to come and inspect, she is saying no I am coming on this date at this time. My friend has no problem with her inspecting but she wants to be home at the time and she wants me there to translate and I don’t finish work until 5pm. We have asked her to come at 5.30 and she has said no. She is deliberately trying to ensure that my friend who speaks almost no English is alone.


      She also refuses to issue the section 13 notice that I asked for and said the rent is going regardless, although she has now changed it to the 1st April as I said the 1st March was not enough notice.


        She seems to have her own ideas of how the law works, else she is trying to convince you that's how the law works.

        You have told her she can't just write that she is putting it up without your friends agreement and your friend doesn't have to leave if she doesn't pay the increase. No need to reply any further at the moment with regards to those points.

        If she was to write that your friend is in rent arrears after the date it was supposed to go up then you reply saying all rent lawfully due has been paid and there has been no agreement to increase the rent.

        Then wait on the section 13 notice. When it comes check it has been filled in correctly, if it's done wrong it isn't valid so you can then ignore that as well.

        Alternatively you could try to end the fighting and try negotiating eg say you will agree to a smaller increase from April if she does whatever repairs need doing before then.


          Is there a chain on the door or a bolt on the inside? Is so then the child should use it to prevent the landlord access. Also she should just not pay any rent increase at this point.


            Can we see the email telling the tenant to turn the boiler back on? And the gas safety certificate failing the tests, redacted of course?


              Ok this is the report issued by this first engineer who inspected the boiler. He apparently told the landlord that my friend had damaged the boiler but didn’t put this in the report or say it to my friend and we’ve seen no proof of this.


                The landlord then said my friend had to pay for the repair. When we replied refusing a second person came the next day to see the boiler. He also didn’t say my friend had caused it and didnt say it was safe or switch it back on. He apparently told the landlord it was safe because the gas safety check said so but that check was before it was switched off for safety.


                  And then when we refused to switch it back on and reported to environmental health they contacted the landlord and she sent this email. It has been replaced now and is working fine but she only did it because environmental health contacted her. If she had proof it was safe or my friend caused it why would she then pay for a new boiler?


                    The engineer's description of the fault is too small to read.


                      Is that better?


                        It keeps shrinking the image, it’s really clear until I upload it


                          Flue not properly secure nor sealed. No co alarm and in children's bedroom.
                          Boiler intermittent and sometimes doesn't work.
                          Customer suspects smell of gas (however no gas leak).
                          The first sentence is what condemns it. Landlord problem.

                          Boilers are not normally in bedrooms. I suppose that might require a CO alarm. Who is responsible for the room being used as a bedroom?

                          The third sentence. Not, I think, a gas safety issue. Could become an HHSRS issue. Landlord problem.

                          Fourth sentence. Engineer is protecting themselves but seems to be saying it is safe.


                            Judging by the unsealed and unsecure flue it cant have passed its previous Gas safety checks? Im betting the landlord dodnt even bother with them.

                            At this point i would say get onto environmental health about the other issues in the property, refuse to pay the rent increase and hopefully landlord mucks up the section 21 process so that you can delay for as long as needed to find somewhere more suitable.

                            There are new laws and regulations thought up on a frequent basis to try and stamp out these types of landlords and they still seem to be able to do what they want. Was the deposit protected? I bet that wasnt either.


                              Did you show environmental health the email where she told your friend she could turn the condemned boiler back on?

                              Is the property in England? If so also ask council if it is in a landlord 'selective licensing area'. If in Wales all Landlord’s have to be licensed. I would imagine that asking someone to commit an offence by turning a condemned boiler back on this would be a breach of license?


                                Originally posted by SacreLao View Post
                                The attached picture mentions "previous landlord".

                                Is this a property that was sold after your friend moved in?


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                                  I have to respond to this.

                                  Whether you are pro-landlord or pro-tenant, the safety of the occupiers are a hell of a lot more important than the ability of a landlord to evict a tenant without grounds....
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                                  The general rules for HMOs in England and Wales are described at

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                                  If you did not serve the tenants with a copy of the current GSC before they occupied the property it's a grey area and you will be reliant on luck if the notice is challenged. If you did not serve a copy of the GSC on all tenants in the last 12 months OR a copy of the current How to Rent at the start...
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