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    Rental deposit

    Looking for advice , I signed a 12 month rental with my boyfriend , we each paid 900 pounds deposit to the deposit company . He moved out 6 months later to live with another woman, but continued to pay half the rent until the lease finished. I have messages from him saying he did not want his deposit back, I therefore changed the tenancy into my name and paid the rent myself. This was 12 months ago, and I’ve been content. I then received an email today saying he wanted his deposit back(18 months after I last saw him) . Before I contact him, could a kind legally qualified person give me their thoughts. I certainly feel he forfeited his rights via text and his actions. Appreciate any replies, Louise x

    This was a joint T, when any remaining deposit should have been paid to 'lead T' for onward distribution.
    I might suggest ex b/f may like to sue me for his share of remaining deposit, if I did not want to reimburse him 900. quid.


      Why not tell him he can have it back when you move out?
      I don't know what would happen if he sued you for it - it would depend on the content of the messages and exactly what he said in them.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        You can rely on promissory estoppel. This means he said he did not want the return of the deposit and you have relied on what he said. This would in all likelihood be a defence if he takes legal action.


          Legally you may have the right to rely on his text. Morally him leaving you does not entitle you to keep his money, especially when he continued to pay his share of the rent and did not create a problem for you then.

          Can you not come to an agreement to pay at least some of it back? Do not admit you owe it though.


            Morals don't come into the law. Keep the deposit as originally agreed.


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              Not to mention the leccy bill!.

              OP specify in AST the dates for the 3 month advanced rent payment.
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              T agrees to pay the rent due on signing the AST for 6 months. Even if Rent lowered as an incentive for No Deposit they still remain liable for any adjuged LL losses.
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              Many LLs are frit by the universal roll-out of UC
              They can do their best to vet Ts but we cannot stop them applying for Benefits
              The only safer solution is to get T to provide a house owning G,willing to be liable for T's debts for duration of T.
              That in itself can be a good indication...
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              If I were the landlord and I decided to pursue this, I would provide sworn statements to the court that the floor was perfect on completion from the chartered surveyor, site manager, building surveyor, architect, floor fitter, snagger, estate agent, letting agent, cleaner, uncle Tom Cobley and all....
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