Flat let to 2 people, but extended family moved in

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  • Flat let to 2 people, but extended family moved in

    I have just let a 3 bdrm flat to a brother and sister (both over 18 and students).

    It was agreed that the 3rd bedroom would be used by their mother periodically when she came for brief visits.

    Trusted neighbours have informed me however that the tenants' mother and two more siblings (both minors) appear to be currently residing at the property.

    I'm wondering: Has a whole family moved in?

    I would like advice on the correct way to proceed regarding this situation, from how best to approach the tenants about it and what to do if I am not satisfied with the response (i.e. if I am informed their extended family is not residing there, but I believe they are).

    If the rent is being paid on time: What if I choose to turn a blind eye? Would that be unwise? Any legal Implications?

    I’m also wondering if there could be wider implications now minors are involved.

    We have a fixed term shorthold tenancy agreement - arranged via an established letting agency.

    Naturally, the first step would be to consult the letting agent, but I would like to be aware of any legal or financial implications there may be before I do so.

    The only clauses in our tenancy agreement that seem to relate are:

    4(b) Underletting etc

    Not to under-let, or charge as security for the payment of a debt or performance of an obligation or part with or share possession or occupation of the Property or any part of the Property, and not to receive paying guests.
    4(d)(i) Not to use the Property other than as a private residence for the Tenant and his immediate family.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    But mother/siblings are "immediate family".
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      Well, yes, so are you suggesting that is not a 'standard' clause? That's very worrisome! The tenancy agreement was issued by a well known and reputable letting agency....surely they would not permit one person to sign a tenancy that allows their entire immediate family to move in permanently? That sounds very odd to me.

      Please let me know if this is irregular.

      Many thanks.


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        a relative of mine had a tiny 2 bed cottage and let to a couple with a baby. Within weeks the tenant's sister, sister's boyfriend and 3 older kids had moved in! Nothing could be done - they failed to pay rent on time and were eventually thrown out but it took ages - tenant got legal aid.....etc etc. It happens a lot I'm afraid - sorry to hear of your problems.
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