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    Keeping Hamsters

    Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I have been renting a flat through an agency for over 6 months now and my policy says I need prior permission to keep a domestic animal and that permission shouldn't be unfairly withheld - guessing these are very common phrases? I want to bring a hamster into my home, naturally this is going to be a caged animal that will not be free roaming thus have no time to destroy anything. I have emailed the letting agency who deals with our property but am yet to have a reply, I figured it would be a simple yes or no so am getting impatient - especially as there is a hamster that needs rehoming and I'd like to get one in need. Is it rude for me to ring them directly and ask for an update on this as its been 48 hours? I am planning to go to a pet shop this afternoon to start buying things in advanced so really would like an answer before I spend any money.

    What should/could I do?


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    48 hours isn't unreasonable, and it may take some considerable time to contact the landlord and get a response.
    They may be on holiday for example.
    But a phone call doesn't sound likely to cause a problem.

    It's quite possible that the landlord's own lease either doesn't allow animals or contains a similar clause requiring them to seek approval.
    If it's the former that would be reasonable grounds to decline the request and, if the latter, it could take several months to get any response at all.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


      Agree with jpkeates - a phone call to chase up shouldn't do any harm, and I bet the landlord would appreciate being asked rather than assuming it's ok.

      I have the same contract condition and a few weeks ago requested to keep hamster/rats too, but the landlords said no as they've previously had issues with tenants and pets. Disappointing but then I can understand their position and desire to keep a strict line of no pets therefore no risk/potential issues. I'd probably be the same if I was letting out and didn't know my tenants well enough to judge their competency of keeping pets.


        Originally posted by Sm1234 View Post
        this is going to be a caged animal that will not be free roaming thus have no time to destroy anything.
        That is the intention, but the reality may differ.

        Hamsters need to be handled daily.
        I have had a hamster "escape" and disappear under furniture.


          yes I was going to mention that as someone who has experience with the little beasts!


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