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    inventory and checkin

    hi, we are about to move into a rented house, this is our first time renting and will only be for 6-12 months while we find somewhere new to buy.

    The agent has asked if I would like to pay a 3rd party to do an inventory for us at 120 pound. they are saying this is optional but will help if any problems getting the deposit back.

    we are also being charged 70 pound for the checkin.

    just wondering if It would be a good idea to pay for the inventory?

    An inventory is largely to protect the interests of the LL: it identifies what is present and what the LL expects to get back at the end of the tenancy.
    Without an inventory, the LL is unlikely to be able to deduct from the deposit for loss/damage (LL cannot deduct for fair wear and tear), so in no way would you pying for an inventory "help if any problems getting the deposit back".

    The part of the inventory that protects the interests of the T is the statements of existing damage to (and possibly age of) the items listed.

    On that basis, I would decline their kind offer.

    Just check carefully any inventory that is provided to you and ensure that you are happy that is is accurate before signing.
    Anything you do not agree with (items listed that are not present; damage or wear that is not recorded; inaccurate descriptions, etc) you should correct on all copies and sign or initial against each correction.

    The agent sounds a bit dodgy to me, so keep a check on compliance with deposit protection requirements (protect and issue you with prescribed information within 30 days of receiving the deposit), but do not prompt them if it appears they may not be doing this.


      And ensure that the state of cleanliness is recorded too.


        thanks both for your advice


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