EPC and 'How to rent' for existing tenant

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    EPC and 'How to rent' for existing tenant

    I have a tenant who signed up for a 6 month AST about 9 years ago and has been on a rolling contract since then.

    This was long before the requirement to give a copy of the EPC and 'How to rent' booklet to a tenant when he moved in.

    I am aware that current rules require a tenant to have these before a section 21 can be considered valid (along with a gas safety thingy). Do these requirement still apply to tenancies that started before the rules came in?

    If they do apply, can I simply attach the 'How to rent' rules and a copy of the EPC to the section 21 notice?

    (this is a purely academic question, I have no plans to evict and I gave him a copy of the EPC and booklet along with the last gas safety certificate.)

    If the most recent tenancy (including any "renewal", "extension", and a statutory periodic tenancy that arise after the end of a fixed term) started before 1 October 2015, then no.
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