Required documentation for new tenants

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    Required documentation for new tenants

    HI, quick question about providing new tenants with the gas safety, electrical safety, EPC etc.

    In the interests of the environment and not printing out reams of paper (and the fact that I do not charge any fees), is it OK to email to the tenant and ask them to confirm they have received them?

    Does this satisfy the rules that the tenant has received them or is something signed required?


    I'm sure it satisfies the rules.

    Just if you ever seek a possession order, you are up against a judge trying to find any reason not to kick out your tenant. Don't give him one.
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      Just make sure that you have a written agreement with the tenant that emails can be used to serve notices and documents and get them to sign a separate sheet listing all the documents theyve received by email


        Ah, ok- that sounds like a good idea.


          Use paper.
          Everyone understands it.

          Use a printer with recyclable cartridges.
          Thats about as environmentally friendly as you can get.
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